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What You Left Behind
by   Dawn Wing,
Dawn Wing grew up in a Chinese-American family in Flushing, NY. She started her autobiofictional comics series "What You Left Behind" in 2012 as an independent project with cartoonist and mentor Lynda Barry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2013 (where Dawn earned her Masters of Library and Information Studies degree.) The series depicts moments both mundane and poignant, some dealing with cultural tensions and family trauma during the childhood of the main character Janie Chan. While working as an academic librarian, Dawn has contributed both personal and research-based graphic narratives to literary journals, comics/zine festivals, conferences and exhibitions across the United States and internationally (Spain, Germany and Austria). Dawn is currently completing a manuscript for a historical graphic narrative titled "Tien Fu Wu and Tye Leung Schulze: Translators for Justice," about two Chinese American women who were community advocates for social reform and human rights for victims of slave trafficking during the late 19th/early 20th centuries. Find more about Dawn's work at http://dawnwing.weebly.com